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2 Pack of Woodside Heavy Duty Mole Claw Scissor Traps Fast Humane Kill

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  • MOLE CLAW SCISSOR TRAP 14cm x 11cm – The Woodside Mole Claw Scissor Traps are reliable and effective for getting rid of pests.
  • FUNCTIONAL – Used by professionals, it is poison and chemical free, this pair of scissor traps are a safer and quicker solution to your issues.
  • DURABLE – Manufactured from zinc plated steel which prevents corrosion.
  • EASY TO USE – This item is very easy to set up, simply trace the tunnels, fit both at least a foot away from a hill, ensure trap is in complete darkness and it is ready for action.
  • SPECIFICATIONS – Size: 14 x 11cm. Colour: Silver. Material: Zinc plated steel. Available in: 2 Pack, 4 Pack and 8 Pack.
If moles are a nuisance in your garden and you’re looking for a humane way to remove them, look no further than this 2 pack of Woodside Heavy Duty Mole Claw Scissor Traps. Designed specifically to kill fast and painlessly, these Mole traps are incredibly humane and a good way to handle the pest problem without worrying about being unethical.

These heavy-duty mole traps are used by professionals and are 100% poison and chemical-free, again ensuring they provide you with a completely humane method of disposal. Constructed out of zinc-plated steel, these Humane Mole traps will be able to resist corrosion in even the most rust-prone environments.

Simple to set up and even easier to use, just place it in the tunnel and fit both within range of the molehill in a dark place, out of sight. If you’re looking for a simple and fair way of dealing with a mole issue in your yard, these traps are the answer.

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