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2 Pack of Woodside Heavy Duty Mole Claw Scissor Talpex Traps Fast Humane Kill

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  • MOLE CLAW SCISSOR TRAP 19cm x 8cm – The Woodside Mole Claw Scissor Traps are reliable and effective for getting rid of pests.
  • FUNCTIONAL – Used by professionals, it is poison and chemical free, this pair of scissor traps are a safer and quicker solution to your issues.
  • DURABLE – Manufactured from zinc plated steel which prevents corrosion.
  • EASY TO USE – This item is very easy to set up, simply trace the tunnels, fit both at least a foot away from a hill, ensure trap is in complete darkness and it is ready for action.
  • SPECIFICATIONS – Size: 19 x 8cm. Colour: Silver. Material: Zinc plated steel. Available in: 2 Pack, 4 Pack and 8 Pack.
Moles provide a challenge for maintaining your garden and yard, often being considerably hard to deal with, especially in a humane manner, that was until the introduction of the Woodside Heavy Duty Mole Claw Scissor Talpex Traps. These 19cm x 8cm traps are an efficient and importantly humane way of dealing with a mole issue without resorting to horrible poisons and chemicals that can often lead to inhumane disposal as well as damage to your plant life.

Relied on by professionals, these fast mole traps deliver unparalleled functionality and are completely chemical-free, meaning you can have peace of mind that any moles caught in the trap did not experience any suffering whatsoever. Durable and consistent, the zinc-plated steel construction can handle extreme conditions and will resist rust with years of use.

Simple to use, you just place them in the path of the molehill and dark space and wait for it to successfully deal with your pest problem.

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