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Woodside Square Garden Galvanised Steel Rubbish Incinerator - 100L Capacity

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  • LARGE CAPACITY – The 100-Litre capacity allows plenty of room for rubbish. The burning pit area is 60cm x 40cm x 40cm, the overall height of the incinerator is 75cm. Compact enough for storage and large enough to take all the waste you need it to.
  • QUICK WASTE DISPOSAL – The quickest way to dispose of any garden waste such as leaves, branches and twigs. It can also be used for disposing of private, sensitive documents such as bank statements and personal letters.
  • INCREASED BURNING – Ventilation holes are included on all 4 sides of the incinerator and the base. This increases airflow and oxygen availability, leading to an improved burning rate for the garden incinerator, allowing it to burn waste more quickly.
  • STRONG CONSTRUCTION – Made from galvanised steel with indented lines, at a thickness of 0.9mm. It is the ideal thickness and material for an incinerator, and is shown when used by its quick and efficient disposal of your waste.
  • REMOVEABLE WIRE MESH – A wire mesh at the top of the incinerator enhances safety by preventing any burning embers or debris from escaping and keeping the contents enclosed. The openness of the mesh adds to further airflow and oxygen availability.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Take care when opening the box on arrival and using the product, as the edges can be sharp and cause injury.
The Woodside Square Garden Galvanised Steel Rubbish Incinerator is an incredibly useful burning pit to get rid of all your unwanted rubbish with ease. Its 100 litre capacity ensures that you can fit quite a bit in it when in use and yet it is compact enough to be able to tuck away when not in use.

Disposing of leaves, twigs, and any other garden-type waste is made simple with this unit, and not only that, but it can also support the burning of sensitive documents like bank statements and personal letters if need be. The cleverly placed vent holes provide increased airflow that allows the incinerator not only to burn faster but hotter too, ensuring it efficiently disposes of your waste.

Made from galvanised steel, this unit will not rust and will hold up to long-term use, it even includes a wire mesh at the top that ensures it is safe, as it prevents embers and spills from happening in your yard.

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